Explore the Top Hotels to Stay in Ladakh

3 Star Hotels In Leh

1. Hotel Mantra Cottages In Leh

  • Hotel Mantra Cottages is 3 Star Hotel in Leh stands out as the epitome of luxury accommodation in Leh, nestled amidst the picturesque Himalayan landscape. It’s a 15 rooms boutique property offering a blend of traditional Ladakhi charm and modern amenities, each room is filled with elegance and comfort. Guests are treated to spacious interiors. The property boasts panoramic views of snow-capped peaks in the winters and lush greenery surrounded in summer and lush valleys, creating a serene ambiance. With attentive staff catering to every need, guests indulge in gourmet dining experiences showcasing regional delicacies. Mantra Cottages exemplifies unparalleled hospitality, making it the premier choice for discerning travellers seeking an unforgettable Leh experience. it is one of the best hotel in Leh Ladakh to stay. if you are finding something that to be friendly with your pocket and expecting premium experience Hotel Mantra Cottage is for you.

2. Hotel Evergreen Ladakh In Leh

  • Hotel Evergreen Ladakh is located in Leh and having 19 rooms inventory with and without balcony rooms, offering a sublime blend of modern comfort and Ladakhi hospitality. Each deluxe room and suite is meticulously designed with contemporary elegance and traditional touches, providing a serene haven amidst the rugged landscape. Guests are treated to unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains and monasteries from private balconies. Hotel Evergreen Ladakh is a 3 star property with a fine service and affordable rates. With a commitment to personalised service and sustainability, Evergreen Ladakh sets the standard for deluxe accommodation in this enchanting Himalayan destination.

3. Hotel Zypher Ladakh In Leh

  • Hotel Zypher Ladakh is newly build property and ready for use from 2022, reigns supreme as the premier super deluxe property in Leh, offering 18 rooms with and without balcony, an unparalleled fusion of luxury and touch up to the guests . Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Himalayas, each elegantly appointed room harmonises contemporary comfort with traditional Ladakhi aesthetics, providing a serene sanctuary for guests. With panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and pristine valleys, the property immerses visitors in the breathtaking natural surroundings and shanti stupa monastery. Culinary delights crafted from locally sourced ingredients tantalise the palate, while personalised service ensures every need is met with precision and warmth. Zypher Ladakh is the epitome of luxury living in the heart of Leh, promising an unforgettable Himalayan experience. if you are willing to stay little bit away from the chaos this place is for you. It’s walking distance by the Shanti stupa and having good spacious lawn where you can have a limitless gossips amidst the alluring view. Hotel Zypher Ladakh is one of the top most selling hotel in Leh.

4. Hotel Shava Ladakh In Leh

  • Shava Ladakh stands as the pinnacle of deluxe accommodation in Leh, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury and authenticity. Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, each meticulously designed room exudes opulence and comfort, with modern amenities seamlessly integrated with traditional Ladakhi craftsmanship. The property's serene ambiance, coupled with breath-taking views of the surrounding landscapes, provides a rejuvenating retreat for guests. Exquisite dining experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients tantalize the taste buds, while personalized service ensures every need is met with utmost care. Shava Ladakh epitomizes hospitality at its finest, making it the ultimate choice for travellers seeking an unforgettable Leh sojourn.

Other 3 Star Properties List In Leh:

  • Hotel Choskor Leh
  • Sangaylay Hotel Leh
  • Lemon Green
  • Ladakh Imperial
  • Hotel Nalanda

3 Star Camps In Nubra Valley

1. Apricot Tree Camp & Cottages In Nubra Valley

  • Apricot Camp & Cottages is one of the best deluxe stay in Hunder, Nubra valley. It has 12 luxuries camps and 8 cottages amidst the trees of Apricot. it promises an unforgettable escape, where guests can immerse themselves in the natural splendrous enchanting fusion of luxury and wilderness immersion. Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Ladakh, each deluxe tent and cottage reflects rustic charm paired with modern amenities, providing a tranquil haven for discerning travellers. With spacious interiors adorned with tasteful decor and comfortable furnishings, guests are invited to unwind in style amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings. The camp's idyllic setting amidst apricot orchards and majestic mountains offers a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable experiences. Impeccable hospitality and gourmet dining further elevate the stay, ensuring an unparalleled retreat in Nubra Valley. this is to be in your list if you are visiting nubra valley and wish to stay surrounded by the mountains and the live apricot plants.

2. Mantra Camps In Nubra valley

  • Mantra Camps is well located in Hunder, Nubra Valley surrounded by the greenery and open huge lawn with 12 Swiss tents.
  • Mantra camps in Nubra promises you ultimate fun and memories, where people can immerse themselves in the natural splendory and rugged charm. Surrounded by towering mountains and lush greenery, the camp offers breathtaking views and a serene ambiance that immerses guests in nature's embrace. With personalized service and delectable cuisine served under the vast expanse of the sky, Mantra Camps ensures an unforgettable retreat amidst the pristine beauty of Nubra Valley. Is you are traveling to Ladakh and you need to stay In Nubra Valley Mantra Camps will be for you.

3. Rebo Resort In Nubra valley

  • Rebo Resort stands out as the epitome of super deluxe tented accommodation in Nubra Valley, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and wilderness. Nestled amidst the mesmerizing landscapes of Ladakh, each deluxe tent exudes elegance and comfort, providing a unique retreat for adventurous travelers. With spacious interiors adorned with plush furnishings and modern amenities, guests are treated to a cozy haven amidst nature's splendor. The resort's unparalleled location allows for breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and sand dunes, creating an unforgettable backdrop for relaxation. Impeccable service and gourmet dining options further elevate the experience, making Rebo Resort the ultimate destination for luxury camping in Nubra Valley.

Other 3 Star Properties List In Nubra:

  • Wooden Nest Cottages
  • The Nubra Valley Camps
  • Regal Camps
  • Paramount Camps
  • Skylark Camps
  • Organic Boutique
  • Summer Holiday Camps
  • Julley Worlds Camp

3 Star Camps In Pangong

1. P3 Camp Pangong

  • P3 Camps at Spangmik village in Pangong promises an unforgettable escape at affordable, where guests can immerse themselves in the natural splendorluxury and wilderness. Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Ladakh, each Swiss tent exudes comfort and elegance, featuring spacious interiors adorned with modern amenities and traditional decor. Surrounded by the pristine beauty of Pangong Lake and majestic mountains, the camp provides a serene retreat for adventurous travelers. Guests can unwind in style while soaking in panoramic views of the crystal clean waters and ever-changing hues of the sky. With impeccable hospitality and gourmet dining experiences, P3 Camps promises an unforgettable stay amidst the tranquility of Pangong.

2. Skylake Cottages Pangong

  • Skylake Cottages is located at Lukung village, Pangong at walking distance of crystal clean world famous Pangong Tso. It has 12 standard cottages that can fulfill the expectation of the guests. A fine dining and a great view of the lake and convivial staff. If you are looking at your pocket this cottage is for you.

3. Kha Youl Cottages Pangong

  • Kha Youl Cottages offers an unparalleled experience of deluxe Swiss tent accommodation in Pangong, blending luxury with the untouched beauty of Ladakh's landscapes. Each tent is a haven of comfort and sophistication, seamlessly combining modern amenities with traditional touches, creating a serene retreat amidst the rugged terrain. With panoramic views of Pangong Lake's shimmering waters and majestic mountains, guests are treated to breathtaking vistas and tranquility. Impeccable hospitality ensures a personalized stay, while gourmet dining tantalizes the palate with local flavors. Kha Youl Cottages promises an unforgettable escape, where guests can immerse themselves in the natural splendor of Pangong's pristine surroundings.

Other 3 Star Properties List In Pangong:

  • Native Hut Cottages
  • Mountain Chalet Cottages
  • Thangzin House
  • Hill Side Cabin
  • Regal Camp
  • 100Sky Camp
  • Royal Camp
  • Ladakh Summer Camp
  • High Lake
  • Pangong Retreat Camp

4 Star Hotels In Leh

1. Paradise Ladakh

  • Welcome to Paradise Ladakh, a luxurious hotel in the middle of Himalayas offering sheer treat to your senses. If you are a person who needs a cheap Hotels in Leh Ladakh, then search. You have to search for the resort before you start from your residence. The hotel must be where you are going to visit and easy to go for all the fantastic places in that area. Or else you can visit the required place and then straightly get the rooms in the hotels to stay. Most people used to visit Ladakh because it is one of the best places in India. It is a dream destination for most people with majestic and raw beauty. People tend to hire this place to see more beautiful and amazing mountains and landscapes. Ladakh is a unique place that you can remember in your lifetime.

2. Sia Residency

  • Hotel Sia Residency is located at Skara, Leh & is a Kilometer from Leh Airport. We have all the modern facilities to cater and provide comfort to travellers who are visiting us for Peaceful, Quiet & Meditative atmosphere.
  • All the rooms are light and airy with large windows,plenty of natural light with king size bed. Breathtaking and mesmerising view of Khardungla Pass , Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace & Stok Kangri Range of Mountains from every Room .The rooms area are build in local architectural style, yet equipped with all the modern facilities and complimented by handpick rugs and soft furnishing,luxurious quilts and deep pillows,inducing the weary traveller to relex and give in to restful contemplation.

3. Northern Singge (Pure Veg.)

  • Northern singe is one of the fine property in Leh and sister hotel of known hotel Singge palace in Leh. It has bewitching location and rooftof café that attracts tourist and indoor games on the top as well.
  • Rooms are well filled with modern furniture amenities. About the view from the property it has clear vision of Stok Kangari Mountain. If you are pure vegetarian then Northern singge should be your preference. Hospitality is over the moon here, from the check In to check out you will not fill you are outside your home.

4. Gyalpo Residency

  • Ladakh is resplendent with vast mountain ranges, hilltop scattered monasteries, lush green fields, crystal blue skies. Falling in love with the charm of the “Land of high Passes” is easy when you are staying at the Gyalpo, a haven for travelers. The enchanting Gyalpo Residency rests in a serene location, Skara, in the heart of the Leh. The hotel has excellent transport links to everywhere from the Leh town bazaar to the wilderness passes and interiors of Ladakh, allowing guest to fully experience everything Ladakh has to offer. Gyalpo Residency is frequented by the best of travellers and is located near all that is quintessentially Ladakh. Highly acclaimed restaurant, the Chantsa and the quaint Olives Garden make Gyalpo Residency the confluence for meetings and celebrations in Leh.
  • The Leh Bazaar in the ancient Leh City is (3 km) away, The Japanese Shanti Stupa is (3.5 km) and the Kushok Bakula Airport is (1.5 km) from the hotel. The Gyalpo exudes ambience of a grand luxurious hotel with a welcoming lounge, opulent stay, a multi cuisine fine dining restaurant, an alfresco garden space with canopied tables offering a sweeping view of the Stok Kangri, an upcoming fitness center & gymnasium and a roof top Sky Lounge Bar. All brought alive by the sincere attention to your every need that is distinctively Gyalpo.

5. The Pal (Pure Veg.)

  • The Pal was designed based on sustainable practices with special focus for cold climate and on re-use of discarded materials. The PAL has 20 fully furnished rooms, all are centrally heated. It is located 100 meters away from the Leh main market and 6KM away from the Leh airport. All rooms have a clear view of the beautiful mountain of Ladakh.
  • The Pal is one of the pure veg. property in Leh.

6. Singge Palace

  • Singge palace is one best luxury property in Leh over the 30 years. It has ultimate modern furnishing amenities with large room size that make you fell comfortable. Rooms are fine and definitely luxury vibes will come out, Also Singge palace has Suite rooms where you can set up with your family in single room. Multi cuisine restaurant and the taste is really good. In addition, The property has Conference hall, Lawn, Game Room, Travel Desk that is also to be noted if this matters to you. Even this property is suggestable for the corporates as well.
  • Singge palace is the hardly 2 Kms of walking distance to the Leh main market that is the best advantage of the property which others don’t have.

7. Kesaar Palace

  • Located in the beating heart of the bustling main market, beneath the majestic embrace of Leh’s regal palace, lies the resplendent Kesaar Palace—a testament to opulence and refinement. This premium haven draws inspiration from the grand chronicles of a benevolent king, whose heroism resonates through the annals of time, enlightening us with a profound connection to the people and their vibrant culture. In a profound gesture of homage to this noble legacy, we proudly unveil our establishment, a sanctuary of luxury comprising 23 premium rooms.

Other 4 Star Properties List In Leh:

  • Ladakh Residency in Leh
  • Bodhi Tree Hotel
  • Hotel Grand Himalaya
  • Hotel Sangto Villa
  • Hotel Padma Ladakh
  • Hotel Samaya Ladakh

4 Star Hotels In Nubra Valley

1. Hill Crest

  • Hill Crest in Nubra valley is located in Hunder, Nubra valley. It is the choice of every traveler who want neat, clean and spacious room. Hill Crest is 4 Star basic hotel with multi cuisine dining experience, large lawn area with a good location.
  • Rooms are fine and suitable for every traveler with king size bed, Wardrobe and wide washroom with proper toiletries. Hill crest nubra is one of the Latest made property in Nubra Valley with the construction age of only 3 years from now and established in 2022.

2. Misti Hill Cabin

  • Misti Hill Cabin is newly made in Nubra Valley In 2023 with the contemporary furnished amenities with alluring cabin theme. It has lovely Lawn area and the best part of the Misti hill cabin is that designed for the experience with the open ceiling view so that you may be able to witness words wonderful star gazing. They settled property very well especially in remote area with the fine hospitality to experience modern facilities amidst nature and mountains.
  • Misti hill cabin is waiting for you are willing to grab the memorable memories.

3. The Dunes

  • The Dunes was also built based on the famous architect Laurie Baker. The Dunes has 15 fully furnished rooms, all are centrally heated. Designed with careful thought to the most minute details & painstaking effort. We have 24x7 power supply through mini solar plant. The dunes have an excellent view of Nubra valley overlooking the famous Sand-Dunes of Hundar village.
  • The dunes is a part of Stone Hedge group of properties and known for they lavishly hospitality, service, amenities, quality of living and so on. If you are kind of who are finding in luxury between the mountains and nature, The Dunes Hotel is for you.

4. Pebbles Resort

  • Pebbles resort have 12 beautifully located swiss luxury tents which have the comfort of a hotel and an ambience of a luxury resort. You will have spacious bedrooms, open sitting areas, lush green surroundings and a sparkling pool and glacial water stream running through the resort. Situated in the pristine village ombey away from hustle and bustle of the city the only noise/ sound you will hear is the gentle blowing breeze and the gurgle of the glacial stream. Enjoy your evenings around a warm fireplace with your friends playing guitar, singing karaoke and dancing to the tunes of happiness, love and laughter under the star lit sky. Our staff will move heaven on earth to make your stay comfortable, memorable and create beautiful memories in this beautiful place.

Other 4 Star Properties List In Nubra:

  • Mystic Meadows Earth Homes
  • Hotel La Shayok
  • Desert Himalaya In Nubra
  • Organic Retreat

4 Star Hotels In Pangong

1. Pangong Vista

  • Pangong Vista Resort is one of the best resorts located in spangmik village near pangong lake. Pangong vista resort offers a great view of the magnificent pangong lake. Pangong Vista Resort is a set of 12 independent luxurious cottages situated in the pristine surroundings of the famous Pangong Lake. Here each cottage of the resort offers splendid views of the lake and offers you a comfortable accommodation providing you with basic amenities allowing you to enjoy a truly unique experience with nature - the golden grass, the sunsets, the mountains and the Pangong Lake.

2. Misti Hill Cabin

  • Misty Hills Cabins is a resort and restaurant in Pangong offering 12 Cabins located 150 meters from Pangong lake.
  • Misti hill cabin is the finest property in Pangong without an any far far competition for sure. Starting with the contemporary modern cabin structure with open ceiling to witness star gazing experience, Telescope to make your eyes shocked with the star view, amenities like Swings, Cycling, Intercom tasty food and so on. Misti hill cabin is only the property which having heating provision in the property.
  • If luxury is your choice no one can beat Misti Hill Cabin at Pangong.

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